I really like Copenhagen airport (further – CPH for easier typing) for its nice architecture (especially Terminal 2), easy going around and everything else one might need, for example, Hilton (maybe I’ll write about my experience with this hotel some time – maybe :)).

So, we’ve been using CPH quite a lot recently, because it’s the main port for reaching other parts of the world from Denmark. Sometimes one has to wait for a while for a connecting flight (once I had 5 hours in there) and, naturally, gets hungry. So happened during those particular 5 hours of waiting. I went all around the airport to find best price for food (I’m a poor student after all) and I found out that the cheapest place to get a hotdog is “To:go”, which is right where Terminal 1 meets Terminal 2, and the hotdog there costs 20 DKK.

When we went from Aalborg to Vilnius, I bought a hotdog there again and was given a 30% discount card for the next purchase in the “To:go” snack bar chain. And then, when flying back from Vilnius, we had to wait for a long time (I think it was 4 hours) and we got really hungry, so imagine how happy we were when we spotted that “Yam Yam”, an Asian cuisine take-away, also belongs to this chain. We bought some tasty Chinese food there and got a discount which was actually bigger than those 20 DKK that we paid for a hotdog.

And, as you might know if you are following my blog, the very next day we were in CPH again. Hotdog, and then, when coming back – yam yam Chinese food. I really like such offers!

So here’s the tip in short:

  1. You buy something small and cheap from that little “To:go” kiosk;
  2. You get a 30% discount for your next purchase;
  3. Then you go to “Yam Yam” and eat like a king with a 30% discount.

I hope this is what they intended and I won’t ruin their business with such tips 🙂