I guess many people don’t feel too secured when giving their luggage for airport to handle, especially if there’s something precioussssss inside, and what you aren’t really allowed to take with you on the cabin. I can fully understand them.

(Yes, that’s yet another grumbling post about my experiences :))

This happened when we were flying home from our holiday. I was (un)lucky enough to see the process of getting luggage from the plain on to the luggage wagon. The bags are simply thrown around. It almost hurts to see them. (I saw it happening in CPH.)

No wonder that when we came home, I found all my stuff in a bag wet and smelly. What happened was, that a can of Corsican beer simply opened and all the liquid leaked out. A bag of original Corsican cookies also opened up and all the delicious goodness turned into crumbs.

The question is, with how much force one has to hit a can, so that it would open/explode/break into pieces? Please try this at home and tell me your findings 🙂